Strike industries custom build

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Strike Industries Full Modded Custom build head to toe ONE OF A KIND
Full set of genuine strike industries "gridlock" parts in dark gold highlights
New!! Mk tactical v2 "modular" gearbox
Leviathan v2 fcu
Mk bushes
Slong piston and head
Retro arms cylinder
Metal spring retainer
Asg spring
Shs 18:1 gears
Lonex anti rev latch
Shs tappet
Brass cyl head and noz double o-ring
M150 motor
"Special barrell" 7.3 tightbore with built in hopup
Titan nunchuck battery
Mod pit custom amplifier
Custom t piece adaptor and outer barell
380-390 fps @25rps
Metal reciever
Nunchuck battery stock