RC Tank Gel Blaster

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Gel Blaster Toy RC Tank - Leopard-2 . Condition is New.


The Leopard-2 1:18 scale RC Battle Tank gel blaster is a must have for the gel blaster enthusiast. Not only can you drive these awesome machines with your remote but they will shoot hard and soft gels, they sound like a tank and will pump out exhaust fumes through the back. Awesome present for your little ones or the big kids in the family. You will have a blast with these and is a must have for all Gel Blaster enthusiasts.

- 1:18 Scale

- 9.6v rechargeable battery

- 6mm hard gel bullets and soft gels included

- Shoots both of the above in full attack mode – hold both top buttons together on controller to shoot !

- Turret rotation 360 degrees

- Canon barrel up and down movement

- Drive forward and back

- Turn left and right

- Headlights

- Realistic tank running sounds