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It’s finally here the LDT UMP45 with it’s superior built quality and beautifully finished body, this is a great CQB blaster or just all round. 


It uses a full metal V3 advance gearbox which runs a programable mosfet.   If you already have the old one then this will blow your socks off, in quality and finish.  Make sure you come in and check it out.


  • Superior Nylon built
  • Metal v3 gearbox
  • Mosfet
  • Auto priming
  • Folding stock
  • Metal picatinny rails
  • Metal suppressor adaptors
  • Metal flash hider
  • Nylon warinterest hopup
  • Quality nylon mag
  • Padded Carry bag
  • NO battery or charger


Mosfet Details:


You can only program the 2 round burst setting it seems. Put it into the 2 round setting Pull the trigger and hold until it starts to vibrate then pull the trigger to change the setting. Each pull will cycle it to the next setting. It will vibrate a pattern to let you know what setting you are on. After you choose your setting switch it to full auto to save it. It seems to go into program mode on semi but it won’t save the setting.


So you can only reprogram the 2 round burst setting. It can be single through to 5 round burst. You can also set it to be a binary trigger (pull the trigger 1 shot, release the trigger 1 shot).


Also holding the trigger for 8 seconds will allow you turn off the automatic mag prime.